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My name is Michael Burks Jr. also known as "Dr. Burks". I have been considered as a hard-working, committed businessman, respected authority and serial entrepreneur that by the age of 23 ran my first consulting firm providing project implementation services to non profit organizations in my home town of Chicago. 

I've also done my time in corporate America. For 15 years as a management consultant, I endured similar ‘scars of business’ as other corporate professionals have. These ‘scars’ have made me highly relatable and contribute to the raw, honest, straightforward delivery of my advisory and consulting.

Now, over the last decade, I have been devoting time and effort on tirelessly cultivated a reputation as an innovative business strategist. t mission is centered around putting people first and empowering them to take intentional ownership of their lives, careers, and intellectual property..


- Dr. Michael Burks Jr

A Bit More About Dr. Burks...

Dr. Burks' journey to success began with earning his GED at the Dayton Job Corps Center, where he honed his leadership skills as a dorm leader and president of the student government. He played a pivotal role in shaping the future of the Job Corps program by advocating for a "No Tolerance" policy. Despite challenges, he persisted, ultimately earning a Bachelor's degree in Business after six years of dedicated effort. Subsequently, he pursued and obtained a Master's and Ph.D. in Business Administration with a focus on Management and Leadership from Texas Tech University, Rawls College of Business.

Over the past decade, Dr. Burks has dedicated himself to continuous growth and development, seeking mentorship and coaching from esteemed figures in corporate America and entrepreneurship, including Dr. Eric Thomas, John C. Maxwell, and Paul C. Brunson. In 2019, his expertise was recognized when he was named one of the top 10 management consultants in Dallas. His achievements have been featured in publications such as Dallas Business Journal, Voyage Dallas, Business Innovators, and Fox News Tennessee.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Dr. Burks is actively involved in community engagement, serving on the executive board of The One Unified Resource Foundation. This nonprofit organization is committed to finding solutions to the school-to-prison pipeline in inner-city schools.

Dr. Burks' journey exemplifies the power of tenacity, drive, and sheer will. As the head of 1120 Venture Partners, he is leveraging his expertise to build a portfolio of success stories for high-level executives, athletes, and entertainers through consulting and his thought leadership training program, Master The G.A.M.E®.

What is Master The G.A.M.E.

Do you want to be, or put a star executive or player on a fast track to high performance? Master The G.A.M.E®.

empowers athletes, entertainers, executives with the tools and strategy for intentionally elevating professional impact, and enhancing the personal  potential necessary today in order to live the future they want tomorrow.

Studies show that 85% of people have confidence issues. Whether it’s an athlete dealing with uncertain futures, or a seasoned executive a bit unsure of changing business norms. Confidence is the key to impactful performance and a healthy lifestyle. Below are our core topics we use to foster higher confidence, to activate power, amplify confidence, and elevate performance.

Just as our mission is to inspire you to be the best versions of yourself, this focus can only be achieved if we show up every day to be the best versions of ourselves. We do this by living out, daily, our core values of G.A.M.E. —Growth, Accountability, Methodology, and Execution.



The Relationship Playbook: Learn to develop and foster a strong community to support your career as an professional in any industry. Sometimes the difference between a good and bad decision can be your support system. If we intend on winning the game of life let's make sure we have the right players reading the same playbook.

BRAND CURRENCY: Identifying the value of your brand and using it to design and build your future. We all have hidden potential inside us and sometimes all it takes is a slight nudge to awaken that potential and set us on a course for remarkable results.

BIGGER THAN SELF: How to align your purpose to contribute to the community. We all want to leave a lasting impact on the world. The way we exact that sort of fulfillment is to align our passions with the right causes or organizations to support.

Matched Up: This is where you pick 3 topics from a pre-determined list and I build a workshop around your most pressing issues.

"I messaged Dr. Burks on Twitter, and he helped make my vision come to life by introducing me to the right individual to make it all happen"
- Marcus Voltaire, Student Athlete UNT

Ways to Hire Dr. Burks.

Becoming your focused, high results output version will require commitment and hard work. If you keep making decisions from the perspective you have today, you’ll get the exact results you have right now. Lets change that! There are two ways to work with me.