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I Help You Unlock The Courage and Confidence To Dominate Life and Business.

Hi- I'm Dr. Burks. your guide on dominating life and business.

Being a high performer means always trying  to find the fast track to high output activities. Studies show that 85% of executives and other high performers have confidence issues with their decision making.

Whether it’s an athlete dealing with an uncertain future, or a seasoned executive a bit unsure of changing business norms with digital trends. 

As high performers, we approach our work in a way that prioritizes results, metrics, and scale, rather than maximizing a system for consistent results.

Instead of always asking: “how can I make more money?” or "how can I get things done faster?"

Ask: “what kind of outcome do I want to see?”, and then build a system that supports that outcome.

It’s not about getting more, It’s about finding efficiency.

If we keep our vison lean and nimble — prioritizing simplicity and efficiency in our thinking, success almost becomes guaranteed

Sometimes that isn't easy to do. And often we rely on a small team of managers, contractors, or assistants help us find solutions.

In actuality, that's not always needed. At times its as simple as conversing with one person who can help you calm the noise, and see past your own limited thinking.  

Then you can achieve the opportunity to do everything we want…and nothing we don’t.

Three Ways I Can Assist You.

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